C Cane

C Cane

02:14 C Cane - Racism

C Cane - Racism

Big Zuu came in strong for episode 3 with insight into how Xenophobia affects him. In this episode C Cane explores Racism and how it affects us all. She delivers a powerful verse on the subject. We have partnered with Childline to deliver a powerful season two of this much loved format. Remember you are not alone, whatever you may be going through. It's time we understood these issues a bit better #UnderstandMe C Cane does not disappoint on this fourth episode of On Topic with this powerful message.
28k 1yr ago
06:02 London vs Liverpool - Grime-A-Side 2017: Quarter Final

London vs Liverpool - Grime-A-Side 2017: Quarter Final

The second clash of Grime-A-Side 2017 got hot, as team London (C Cane, Reece West, Yizzy) and Liverpool (Rico Don, Jeopardy, Wavey Joe) sent for each other with no reservations. The level has definitely been brought up by this quarterfinal, and we'll see if the winning team can match the intensity in the semis. Be sure to head to the link above and cast your vote for the winner.
304k 1yr ago
02:55 C Cane - Levels

C Cane - Levels

C Cane returns with a new track that sounds like a testament to the early days of Grime. Levels is the latest release from C Cane and features on her forthcoming EP.
15k 3yrs ago