04:16 Coinz - Fur Jackets (A64)

Coinz - Fur Jackets (A64)

Coinz makes a return to SB with a powerful acoustic session, nothing but real talk.
24k 1yr ago
04:28 Coinz - Red Light District

Coinz - Red Light District

This is the second visual Coinz has released from his EP Codeine. Choosing none other than Amsterdam central as the location, "Red Light District" shows Coinz's versatility yet again.
26k 2yrs ago
05:51 Coinz - Warm Up Sessions [S9.EP30]

Coinz - Warm Up Sessions [S9.EP30]

"I first came across Coinz 5 years ago. There were some moments of honesty and emotion that really grabbed me and stayed with me when I first heard him, but he was still working things out. I'd always check up on him to see how his music was going but it wasn't until recently that I started to see that honesty and raw emotion creep back into his music, so I thought now would be the perfect time for him to come and share his story with SB." - Kane Chattey
208k 4yrs ago