Lady Leshurr

Lady Leshurr

04:13 Lady Leshurr - CARMEN

Lady Leshurr - CARMEN

"Hardest song I've ever had to make. Took a break from music, even more so that my sister recently passed. It would've been her 40th birthday today and her husbands 46th. Sadly, they both died of cancer. This is my gift and letter to her, and to my family so my sister's name forever lives on." #CARMENSWORLD
4mos ago
02:38 Lady Leshurr - It'll Kill You

Lady Leshurr - It'll Kill You

"This song is dedicated to a LEGEND who sadly passed away in late February 2019. We will forever miss you Cadet. You've inspired so many people and touched so many lives and we will forever celebrate your name. Rest up King x"
1yr ago
02:37 Lady Leshurr - HORRID

Lady Leshurr - HORRID

1st freestyle of the year. Bringing fire to a cold January.
1yr ago
03:08 Lady Leshurr - 3AM In Brum

Lady Leshurr - 3AM In Brum

Some more fire to keep you warm for the winter through to Halloween.
1yr ago