02:33 Larko - Overtook

Larko - Overtook

Larko comes back to the scene with fire with his new single: #Overtook
5k 2yrs ago
04:47 Larko - Letter to Myself

Larko - Letter to Myself

This track is very special to me as it gives everyone a deep insight into what I have been through in my life. To give a brief back story of myself: I was born in the #0161 Manchester, now I live in North Wales where no talent has made it out of to be known so I am really the first to do this. I started writing in grime a year ago as a hobby and now it has became something bigger. I have been in the papers because of my music and even had a track played on BBC Radio Introducing. Please read the concept below before watching this to understand the video. Concept: most of you will watch this video and be confused until you know who I am. I am Larko, the guy in the wheelchair. The disability I have is called cerebral palsy which affects my speech and movement. Everything you hear in this track are my thoughts, spat by a vocalist I pay to be my voice and spit the bars on my behalf as I can’t speak due to the disability. Everything you hear is my story. The one in the mask is just a mime to bring the emotion I can’t bring myself. Hard concept to grasp at first, but if you #RollWithMe you will start to understand
44k 3yrs ago