Louis Rei

Louis Rei

09:15 Louis Rei (WSTRN) - Kenny Allstar Freestyle on 1Xtra

Louis Rei (WSTRN) - Kenny Allstar Freestyle on 1Xtra

WSTRN'S Louis Rei is in for a freestyle with Kenny Allstar on BBC 1Xtra
33k 1yr ago
02:39 Louis Rei - Salary Rap

Louis Rei - Salary Rap

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73k 3yrs ago
02:48 Louis Rei - Deli's Interlude

Louis Rei - Deli's Interlude

Earlier this year Louis' close friend & MC One Fourz was in a life threatening coma. Louis wrote this while he was in the coma.
17k 5yrs ago
04:23 Louis Rei - Sing About Me

Louis Rei - Sing About Me

Picking up where we left off in his last video, Louis tells a deep story of how two of his closest friends got locked up while all three of them were growing up and reflects on his luck to not be in the same situation.
56k 5yrs ago
03:37 Louis Rei - #3rdDegree [S2.EP3]

Louis Rei - #3rdDegree [S2.EP3]

West London's rising star Louis Rei shows his lyrical skill on this #3rdDegree episode.
26k 6yrs ago
03:55 Louis Rei - Let It Go

Louis Rei - Let It Go

SBTV presents the debut music video from West London's Louis Rei - "Let It Go" The first part in a trilogy to come.
42k 6yrs ago
05:31 Louis Rei - Warm Up Sessions [S4.EP47]

Louis Rei - Warm Up Sessions [S4.EP47]

The cameras hit the streets of West London to catch up with Louis Rei for a warm up. Louis hasn't done music for a while but I've always known he was talented so I had to bring him on SBTV to warm up a sesh.
190k 7yrs ago